Arch Pendant Lapis Silver


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This playful pendant drew inspiration from a door design in the Dodged House in Lisbon, by architects Daniel Zamarbide and Leopold Banchini. The arched door rotates around its middle. The rotating 'door' of this pendant boasts a Lapis Lazuli stone.

Lapis is known for its rich, deep blue color and soothing and calming qualities. Wear it close to your heart. Comes without necklace.

Due to the variations that naturally occur in Lapis Lazuli stones, each jewel has its own unique stone and pattern and may differ from the one pictured.


  • Measurements pendant: 20.7mm x 15.6mm. Set with a Lapis stone. Handcrafted in Indonesia.
  • Made from recycled sterling silver, including material and origin hallmarks. Comes with an original jewelry box. Need help?