'Golia is a personal reflection of our life. It's the inspiration that transpired from our everyday lives, modern culture, music, our friends and our love for each other that is used as a big reference designing our jewelry pieces.'

Established in 2019 by Roï Elmaliah and Margot Feelders, Golia first started as a common jewelry obsession, as a natural development it turned into a brand. From the design studio in Amsterdam, Margot & Roï translate their admiration for modern design and historical items into simple yet refined jewelry pieces.

‘The mid-century modern design era is a great source of inspiration for us. It’s well-known for its integration of form and function and is as current today as it was back then. This kind of durability is also something we seek in our jewelry pieces.

It’s our aim to design pieces that people will love wearing day after day, jewelry you can always come back to. Foremost, this is the reason we offer only one main collection of traditional yet contemporary pieces, no seasonal. This way we slow down and minimise overproduction and focus on the leading Golia designs – each piece is added after careful consideration.'


All Signature Golia pieces are made by hand by master craftsmen in Indonesia, a region well known for its exquisite jewelry artisanship. Each piece is made from 100% post consumer recycled 14k gold or sterling silver.

All materials and gemstones used for Golia are certified and responsibly sourced. In line with our vision of a circular future. 'A world where people are considerate of how they care for our planet, and how they shape their daily lives'.


Traditional yet contemporary. Simple yet refined. Signature is a unisex collection strongly inspired by mid-century modern, a design era that so gracefully merges form and function and is as current today as it was then. The rings and earrings come in both traditional and puffy shapes and are complemented by necklaces and pendants.

Each item can solidly hold its own while also forming the perfect base for building a personal jewelry collection, as they work great stacked or combined with other pieces.  


Our brand ethos is to design long-lasting pieces you can always come back to. Durability and quality are things we put front and center when developing a new collection. It’s the foundation of the brand, we only add a new piece after careful consideration.

We believe in a future where our economies are circular, a jewelry industry with a supply chain where integrity is the norm and seasonal trends are something of the past.

We create to last.